Adrian Gillespie, United Kingdom

2012-09-12 00:00:00

"[The boots] have arrived and they fit like a glove. I mean perfectly. Excellent quality and service. I wasn't expecting them so soon. I have tried them on and they feel great, and just in time to wear for Halloween. I'll be sure to recommend your business to other friends and associates. Thank you very much!"

(Stormtrooper Boots) 

Alan Laurie, United Kingdom

2010-03-09 00:00:00

"Boots arrived in perfect condition today. Wonderful selection and quality. Very pointy [toe] just as I like them. Thank you for the excellent service."

(Alan has ordered literally dozens of custom pairs, including exotic, inlay, and smooth leather boots)

Aleida-Maria Kipp, Hemmen, Netherlands

"The boots arrived today. They are beautiful. I see that you have a picture of my boots on your website. Thank you for making the boots of my dreams."

(Custom Filigree Cowboy Boots)

Alex Suarez, Granada Hills, CA

"Not to brag, but they must be one of my nicest pair in my collection, next to my elephant and anteater boots."

(Smooth Alligator Cowboy Boots)

Allen Jones, Our Man in Portland, OR

"Yeah, cool. Just what I need, to get excited about more boots. The smooth gators are the tenth pair I've ordered this go 'round. I need to catch my breath. No, it's not your fault any more than the bartender who serves the alcoholic who comes into his bar, [although] I have not been pulled over for having too many pairs of boots. The guys in the band keep making me show off my boots on stage during our shows, which gets people pretty worked up (especially the hair-on zebra pair.) You were right - I need a two-step program!"

(Over 25 pairs and counting)

Andrew Riddle, Sandy, UT

"I just wanted to say, "the boots are awesome!" I wore them out the other night, and everybody was really checking them out. Besides the fact that they're so great looking, it's pretty neat knowing you got the only pair. I'm sure I'll be buying many more boots from you in the future. Thanks again!"

(Stingray Boots)

Andy Butler, Liverpool, England

2010-02-23 00:00:00

"Thank you so much. I recieved my boots this weekend and they're brilliant! Superb quality! It shows what a small world this is when you get superb service from somewhere so far away! I hunted all over the UK for similar boots to no avail, then found you guys doing them in the US at 50% cheaper including the airmail. And they arrived sooner than something else I'd ordered locally to boot (sorry bout the pun!). Thanks again. I will be recommending you to my friends at every opportunity."

(Engineer Boots)

Anita Wolovick, Manchester, MA

"My boots were at the door when I got home from work on Thursday. I tried not to be too excited and waited until I did a few things around the house before trying them on. When I slipped my feet in I thought I had gone to heaven, and wanted to sleep with them on. Thank you so much for a beautiful pair of boots. I am the envy of Boston."

(Custom Snapper Cowboy Boots)

Arthur Flicker, Albuquerque, NM

"WOW! What can I say? I want to wear my pants hitched up my legs to show off these beautiful boots. The black cherry lizard is amazing. Topping it off with our logo is just unbelievable. These are the most amazing pair of boots ever. The burgundy python boots are also gorgeous. Great work. I am so glad that I found you on ebay and was introduced to your beautiful boots and your talented bootmakers. I will be back for more."

(Owner of eleven pairs, including Ostrich, Teju Lizard, Prairie Rose, and Python Snake Custom Cowboy Boots)

Barbara Nelson, Charlottesville, VA

"I just wanted you to know that I get tons of compliments on my Pee Wee Heart boots, and I absolutely LOVE 'em. They feel so good, and I thank you again. The quality and workmanship is superb,and the communication between your company and me was excellent. Not only was your product of great quality, your whole company is honest and trustworthy. I was surprised when you refunded me the overpayment on the shipping charge, I am impressed with the whole transaction. Now I'm stomping around in style with my fancy boots !!!"

(Bittersweet Pee Wee Boots)

Barry K. Hershey, Greencastle, PA

"I find the boots I ordered to be of exceptional quality in general, but especially material and craftsmanship. Even with all my other old west attire on (i.e. duster, frock coats, decorative vests, etc.) people notice the boots more than anything and have been asking where I got them. In fact, from a distance of 60 feet a friend of mine, who also works in leather, noticed the boots first off and commented on the leather being of top quality grade just by looking at it, and was equally impressed with the workmanship as well. Thanks again."

(Civil War Custom Shotgun Boots)

Beca Short, Boerne, TX

2007-05-15 00:00:00

"I got my new mules yesterday. They fit like a glove, and I don't think you could get them off me if you tried! Keep my measurements handy because I'll definitely be back. They are awesome! Thanks again for your fine workmanship."

(Custom Wing Tip Mules)


"We've just returned home from our trip to Texas, and I thought it would be appropriate to thank you once again for the great boots (you're right, they are even better than the pictures suggest) AND for the nice tour around your and your neighbors' workshop: We really enjoyed it a lot !!!"

(Las Vegas Boots)

Bettina "Pirate SalTina" Sohst, Santa Cruz, CA

"Today I received my Captain Jack Sparrow boots. They are absolutely wonderful! The fit is perfect, the shape and looks are just like Jack's boots. The boots are so incredibly comfortable that I put them on and don't ever want to take them off again. The leather that you used--nice and thick, yet very soft--makes for that "like-I-was-born-in-them" feel. Your craftsmanship is remarkable. Thank you very much for my "Jacks"! I already recommended you to others. Now I'll go and find a ship to commandeer..."

(Jack Sparrow Pirate Boots)

Bill Harper, The Cowboy Show, North Augusta, SC

"Here I am writing you after pulling myself into my new boots. When my daughter presented the package to me there was much excitement in the house. And now with them on I must confess that I have developed a new attitude. When I went on line to check the status of the order I could not remember my password and so it was forwarded to me with the following opening: "You (or someone who thinks they're you) has requested that your password be sent to this email address." Now with the boots on I feel as if I am someone who thinks I am me! Wow! The craftsmanship is superb, the coloring is outstanding and the fit, perfect. I can hardly wait to wear these when the Futurity returns. Thank you for your help and assurance regarding my ordering."

(Custom Gene Autry Cowboy Boots)

Bob Canavan, Dallas, TX

"I am the very proud new owner of a pair of Champion Attitude boots that arrived today! I ordered a Texas Flag themed pair with navy full-quill ostrich vamps and 20" shafts. The new boots fit perfectly, made to my measurements. I can't wait to order another pair. I do beleive that we have found the answer to our prayers for a great new source of boots."

(Ostrich Texas Flag Boots)

Bob McCall

2007-08-30 00:00:00

"Thank you very much for the coolest boots I've ever seen and the best service I've had dealing with merchants on the web. The boots fit perfect! I have a wide foot and I was very leery of buying from other venders who's boots looked like womens boots that had mens sizes tacked on and were very poor quality for the money. Yes, I got what I paid for, and I would rather drive a corvett than a go-cart! Thanks one more time [from an] estatic customer."

(A-3 Pirate Boots)

Bobby Wummer, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"As I just sent you the e-mail on my order confirmation the FedEx man rang the doorbell and my fish boots arrived! THANKS THEY ARE AWESOME AND FIT GREAT! They are going to go so well with this years HALLOWEEN costume. And since I am a fisherman I will be wearing them more often then not. (LOL)"

(Fish Tank Platfrom Shoes)

Brad Bartlett, Dallas, TX

"[I] got the boots today. They are perfect. Another satisfied customer. You're the best."

(Cactus Boots)

Branden Seidel, Taylor, TX

"I don't know where to leave a testimonial but I had to try...these are great boots, excellent craftsmanship. They are just what I expected and want to thank you for a great job. Thank you!"

(Stormtrooper Boots)

Brian Johnson, Owatonna, MN

"I went down to our "local" shoe store [where] they showed me work boots that had crepe soles and they were top of the line type shoes. The current 35 year owner told me that crepe gives a cushiony step and wears a long time. He reviewed the construction of CABOOTS and told me these are quality boots. He also told me if he had these shoes for sale in his store, they would be in the $300+ price range. It was his opinion that these shoes were being sold at wholesale prices and thought I would be very satisfied with them. They should hold up well for a lot of street, parade, and circus use on concrete and asphalt, and still provide comfort and breathability for the feet. I have found Joey (CABOOTS owner) to be very informative, helpful, and easy to communicate with and the check out process worked nicely."

(Black and Red Clown Shoes)

Bruce Rubin, White Plains, NY

"I received the chocolate stingray boots yesterday and I have to say that they're amazing! Not only is the skin perfect and custom wooden pegs well done, but the specially requested toe is awesome, and your attentive customer service is unparalleled! I have several boots from other Texas manufactures that cost far more money and whose end product has nothing over these CaBoot stingrays! I'm sure to recommend your great service to my family and friends. Thanks very much!"

(Custom Stingray Cowboy Boots)

Buster Waeland, Halstead, United Kingdom

"Just wanted to say a very big Thank You. The boots arrived safely this morning and they are fabulous. Thank you so much for your time and trouble."

(Custom Ranger Buckeroo Working Cowboy Boots)

C. Gunn

"Well. the boots got here in the mail today, about noon. I tried them on and haven't had them off since. They are really comfortable. You can count on some more business from me and an excellent recommendation to any of my friends who might be interested. Thanks much."

(Civil War Cavalry Boots)

C. Van Dyke

"I received the boots Sat. 9-28-02, the feel, the look, the fit perfect!!!!! Thanks a ton, I'm a happy camper. I'm really happy with the boots. As a matter of fact my wife, who is near impossible to please, had nothing but good things to say about them. Our next SASS shoot will be this Sat. I'm looking forward to showing them off to my pards. Thanks again."
(Civil War "John B" Boots)

Cara Dohnalek, Sarasota, FL

"I justed wanted to tell you that my husband received his Crocodile boots that I gave him for Christmas last night. He loves them and was thrilled with the quality and fit. He said he has never had a pair of boots that didn't need breaking in and commented on the workmanship and thick soles. Thank you so much for helping me with my order and delivering a great product!"

(Custom Caiman Crocodile Boots)

Chaplain Marshall Lillie, 145th PVI, Co A, Cushing's Battery, Greenville, PA

"Since receiving my Civil War Officer boots I have been in a parade, a living history and performed in a wedding wearing them. I have had many compliments. I have never had such a comfortable pair of boots. Thanks."

(Civil War Officer Boots)

Charles Van Bibber, Killeen, TX

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my order of civil war cavalry boots. Delivery was very fast, 2 days only. Quality of the boots for the price is fantastic. I have been reenacting since 1984, and these are the best prices I have ever seen for quality products. I will gladly tell everyone about you and your product. Keep up the good work."

(Officer Boots)

Chris Bartlett, Wake Forest, NC

1969-12-31 17:00:00

"I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy the Boba Fett boots - excellent! I posted a review and photos at The Dented Helmet. They are absolutely the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. The shape of the toe is great and the piping is right on. Thanks for going to such effort on these. I love them and will highly and exclusively recommend them to my site visitors and other Fett costumers. By the way, on Tuesday, the premiere issue of GIANT magazine launched with an article on on page 86. Hopefully that will drive even more business to CABOOTS!"

(Boba Fett Boots)

Chris Georgandellis, Stamford, CT

"I just got the boots on Friday, and I wanted to say that they look AWESOME. They exceeded everything I had pictured in my head. I Wore them out on the weekend and got tons of compliments (that's pretty good considering I was in NYC)."

(Alligator Hornback Cowboy Boots)

Chris Gorham, Hamburg, NY

2006-12-10 00:00:00

"This is my third pair of boots from you. You do great work, and I tell everyone where I get my boots from."

(Owner of three pair, including Alligator Tail and Ostrich Cowboy Boots)

Chris Paul, Norwich, England

"Yip Yip Hooray. I received the boots and they fit like a glove. You are the best. My wife is so happy. When she is happy, my life is sweet. The boots are a work of art and beauty. Thank your excellent crafts people. More to come. I want some for me now."

(Bluebird Custom Cowboy Boots)

Chris Porth, Austin, TX

"I can't tell you how much I love the boots!! They are the nicest boots I have ever seen, and the most comfortable!! Thanks a million!! You guys rock! You have an awsome company. Thanks for everything!!"


Christopher Colket, Drexel Hill, PA

"I just wanted to take a moment to send you an email thanking you for the extremely prompt service. I received my shoes this morning, a day earlier than I expected, and they are great! Thank you for providing excellent service; it is hard to find nowadays."

(Platform Shoes)

Chuck Dotson, Grayson,GA

"Just wanted to say thank you for such a speedy delivery on my new boots. They look as good as the picture, and I am very pleased. With service like this and prices this good, I will be ordering more."

(Imitation Anteater Boots)

Colette Hoogeveen Vlaardingen, Netherlands

2010-04-29 00:00:00

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've got my python leather boots today. You know how to make a girl happy. I can't wait to show them off at work tomorrow! They fit very well, and I really love the exotic leather and the stitching!"

(Custom Python Snake Cowboy Boots)

Craig Cook, St. Joseph, MO

"Received the two (2) pair of clown shoes. Just exactly what we wanted. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!"

(Clown Shoes)

Craig Steele, Hobart, Australia

2010-03-19 00:00:00

"My boots arrived in the mail yesterday. That was very fast shipping and service. Thank you very much for your service and great communication. I greatly appreciate it. The boots are fantastic! They fit nicely and they go very well with the rest of my costume. I will wear them with pride and take good care of them."

(Superhero Boots)

Cynthia Patterson, Plantersville, AL

"[I] received my Ringtail Lizard boots. They are wonderful and fit so good. The boots are so well made. Your company does a great job! Keep up the good work. I will be ordering a pair of the Stingray boots shortly. Your prices are great for handmade boots. Thanks."

(Ringtail Lizard Boots)

Cynthia Renshaw, Fairfield, CT

"I just got my boots and they are a work of Art!"

(Cognac Ostrich Cowboy Boots)

D.S. Lowney, Palm Bay, FL

2009-08-23 00:00:00

"The boots I ordered arrived yesterday and we are extremely satisfied. They are of quality workmanship and even smell wonderful. We will definitely order from CABOOTS again in the future."

(Jack Sparrow Pirate Boots)

Danny James

"Thank you guys for the great product!!! It was just as promised. A very good deal. Thank you for the easy transaction and SUPER-FAST shipping."

(Civil War Brogans)

Dave Epp, Syracuse, NE

"Joey, [my boots] just arrived tonight. I'm speechless. They're perfect. Absolutely the most perfect pair of boots I've ever had. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can you save the design somehow on these? I suspect that after I pay for some cruise bills, I may be ordering more from you. In the meantime, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have a great holiday season. You have made my year! Thank you again, buddy!"

(Black Jodphur Ankle Boots)

David Cosgrove, Bringham, UT

"Guess what i'm wearing? That's right, your new boots that just arrived and are spectacular! Thanks to you and everyone at your boot company! Should you have any customers who need a reference as to your boots and workmanship, please let me know. I would be happy to give you a great plug! My friends are going to be very impressed and I will certainly tell them where to get their boots! Warmest of regards and seasons greetings to you all!"

(Las Vegas Cowboy Boots)

David Jallen, Ozark, AL

"I recieved my Gene Autrey boots on Friday, and they are just beautiful. You must feel real proud to put out the product as you do. Quality seems to be a forgotten art in our society, but I am glad to see that quality is foremost in your mind when you make these boots. I hope you feel that customer satisfaction is one of your most prized achievements, because I will always measure all other boots to your standard. I can tell you already they will fall short of the mark. I plan to get a pair every six months or so. Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with you a long time into the future."

(Gene Autry Boots)

David L. Diehl, Cranesville, PA

"My custom handmade boots arrived about a week ago, (after only 3 and a half weeks) and I'll tell you what: of all the boots that I have owned, (Dan Post, Tony Lama, Acme, ect.) these boots are by far the best. I wore them right out of the box all day, and they felt like I had worn them for years. Your quality and construction are top notch. The Ostrich vamps are twice as thick as my Dan Post [boots] and your soles are a lot thicker. I wear boots 24/7, (well sometimes I take them off to sleep), and I can see these lasting for years before resoling. I will be re-ordering. Once again, thank you!"

(Full Quill Ostrich Boots)

David Sonaty, Waukesha, WI

2010-08-07 00:00:00

"I would just like to thank you. I received my Hunter Green Lizard boots with the WR heel and they are just GREAT! The fit like a glove. Going to wear them Christmas Eve. Worth the wait. Thanks again."

(Custom Teju Lizard Cowboy Boots)


David Townsend, Bath, United Kingdom

"The boots arrived a couple of days ago. What can I say...absolutely bloody marvellous, better than I'd imagined. Best pair of boots I've ever had. Well done."

(Jack Sparrow Pirate Boots)

Debbie Breece, Colchester, CT

"The black ostrich ropers are beautiful. I was so excited when they came-like Christmas! Everyone at the barn I showed them to loved them. The workmanship was great. I am 110% pleased and speak of your company with high regard. Thanks again. You have customer service plus+ (don't change)."

(Ostrich Ropers)

Debbie Dilatush. Jamul, CA

"These are the most AWESOME boots I've ever had, and the fit is just perfect. I've never had a boot fit so perfect. You must have used the measurements I sent. The picture on your website is great, but it just doesn't do them justice when you have them in your hands (and on your feet)! My husband's going to hate me because now I have my eye on a pair of Caiman boots. One pair just leads to another...and another!"

(Turquoise Teju Lizard Cowboy Boots)

Dino Rossi, Bronx, NY

"The boots just arrived, and I am floored by the quality and handsome styling. Please send some business I am sure some of our friends will be curious about your company."

(Peso Boots)

Donnell Conner, Girard, OH

"I received my Stormtrooper Boots yesterday, and they are outstanding!! I was very nervous about ordering footwear over the internet, but the fit was perfect and surprisingly comfortable. The boots I ordered are factory defects, but I can see nothing wrong with them. To me they're perfect. My Stormtrooper armor costume is now complete and I thank you for helping to make it possible."

(Stormtrooper Boots)

Dwight Corum, Burbank, CA

"I received the boots today, and I couldn't be happier!!! The workmanship is top class, and the fit is FANTASTIC!!! I've NEVER worn a pair of boots that fit as well as these from the first time I put them on. I tried to call you this evening to personally thank you, but I got the FAX., so I didn't leave a message. If you ever need a testimonial please see me. I have purchased hundreds of boots over the years and these are the BEST!!! Of course, I left you great feedback on ebay. All the best. ...I expect to buy more from you in the future..."

(Roy Rogers Boots)


2012-04-11 00:00:00

"I received the boots Friday and they are just as advertised... good fit and comfortable also. Thank you."

(Stormtrooper Boots)

Ed Mullin, Stafford, VA

"My order of Slick Jim's in black, with blue shaft, were at home when I returned from a trip on April 15. I tried them on and it was heavenly, absolutely heavenly! There was no "break-in" period, as with other boots and shoes. The following Monday it was off to my home town of Boston for the week. They got quite a workout, about 2 miles all together on Wednesday. The jaunts that day concluded with an evening walk from the office I visited, close to the North Station/North End, up and over the cobble stoned narrow streets of the backside of Beacon Hill, around the Mass. State House and down into the Commons and back to the hotel in the Fanuel Hall area. The boots were so comfortable. Absolutely exceptional! Thanks so much for a great product! I look forward to my next order!"

(Custom Slick Jim Cowboy Boots)

Elvin Schlegel, Walnutport, PA

"Wow, you have got to be kidding. I ordered a pair of Civil War Officer Boots on 10/29/02 and they arrived today, 10/31/02. That is really fast and means you guys really are efficient. As far as the boots, I feel I really got a bargain. These boots are well made, fully leather lined, fit great and look good. I have seen similar boots on the Internet selling for $200 and up. In fact, the sergeant of our outfit paid almost as much for a pair of brogans as I paid for these boots. You can be sure I will be passing your name to other members of the 2nd S. Carolina. Thanks for providing a good boot at a very fair price and also for providing excellent service."

(Civil War Officer Boots)

Enid Hurst, St.Augustine, FL

"I received my boots yesterday! They are absolutely beautiful. Wore them today, walked and walked. It was like wearing an old, comfy pair of slippers. Definitley another pair in my future. Thanks!"

(Stitch Suede Cowboy Boots and Custom Slick Jim Boots)

Eric Garmon, Panama City, FL

"I just wanted to say I love my Stormtrooper Boots. Thanks alot for your cooperation with me. Just as my expectations were exceeded by your platforms I ordered a few months ago, you did the same in this case. I will definitely refer all of my trooper brothers and sisters to your site instead of the others out there. Thanks alot!"

(Stormtrooper Boots)

Eric Jost, Germany

"It is unbelievable. When I got my BLUEBIRD boots I could not imagine that you would top my happiness and satisfaction as a great boot collector. But when I got my MORNING GLORY out of the box, I was so surprised that I was shouting such a loud Yee-haw so that my wife was very startled. Again such a great fantastic work! The colours, the handmade work and the fit ... wow. You are the best! Since I have my MORNING GLORY, I won't wear another boot. Walking in the city all the people look at my boots. I am very proud of wearing YOUR boots. So often people here in Germany ask me where I got those well done, great designed boots. I tell them always the same: They are from El Paso, Texas. One of the greatest bootmakers made them just for me. Now I will save money for another third boot. And now again: Vielen, vielen Dank! GOD BLESS AMERICA"

(Morning Glory Boots)

Eric Reeder

"I got my boots today... My god man I ordered them Tuesday night and got them on Saturday!!!! WOW! They are perfect!!!! They fit like a glove! Thanks. Oh, did I say how much I love them enough? "

(Civil War Officer Boots and Brogans)

Erica Monkerz, San Diego, CA

2011-05-25 00:00:00

"These boots are amazing, and Matt must be nothing short of a genius. I'm going to tell all my friends in San Diego how great your products are and how much your website has evolved. Congratulations on all your success!"

(Mateo Jodphur Boots)

Erica Rosales, San Diego, CA (Where the sea is your backyard)

"My Storm Trooper boots have arrived and I love them! Joey and [Mr. Munchaussen] have been very helpful in getting the confusion of my order squared away. Thank you for all of your help and expect to hear from me soon, as I am a hopeless boot lover and a loyal customer to the best custom boot business I know!"

Eugene Ninnie, Wappingers Falls, NY

"They are the BEST boots I have purchased and that includes some handmade boots that I have purchased. The leather and quality in the stitching are heavy duty which is EXACTLY what I needed and your description specified. You have me as a loyal customer."

(Custom Caballero Working Cowboy Boots)

Fred Cunningham, Tucson, AZ

"I am delighted with both pair. You have more than exceeded my expectations. The quality is as fine as I could ask for and the look and appearance is outstanding. The fit is perfect and the comfort level is a "10". Please use me as a reference for anyone who has any questions regarding your products and your fine service. You can expect more business from me and anyone I can refer to you."

G. Mulvaney, Texas City, TX

"I just got the clown shoes!! They are better than expected. I'm going to show them to the people in my Clown Alley in Houston. I'm sure with the quality and reasonable price, a lot of people will be contacting you. Thanks again!"
(Black Clown Shoes)

Geoff, New York

"Got my boots tonight even though I had to chase the mailman 2 miles in my car to get them. They're better than I expected, nicer than my Justins were when they were new. The color and craftsmanship are both wonderful, I especially like the sunflower mandala sewn into the shaft. Thanks for making such a great product. It was nice doing business with you. Send me some of your business cards and I'll pass them out in the leather community in NY. Again, thanks."

(Peso Boots)

George Gajewski, Holmdel, NJ

2011-04-15 00:00:00

"I wanted to let you good folks know that I received my order yesterday, a pair of black, ostrich leg boots. They are in a word, teriffic! The materials, workmanship, attention to detail and great service all stand out, especially in today's mass produced world. It's always a pleasure to see pride and care taken to produce a quality product. Overall it's been a great shopping experience. I expect these boots to last a l-o-n-g time. I already referred a good friend of mine to you with some custom requests. Please pass on my compliments to your craftspeople. Once again thanks for a great pair of boots!"

(Custom Ostrich Leg Cowboy Boots)

George Mellean, Canada

"Received my "Flame Boots" today. Wouldn't you know it, just one day after the heat wave went away. I am very, very pleased. The fit is great!! No doubt I will be ordering from you again. Take care and thanks again."

(Inferno Boots)

George Mellean, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada

"This is just to let you know I received my new boots from you today. (Rio Bravo). I am so impressed. And you got them out to me after our talk on Sept. 12. WOW. I know where people should get their boots from. And I will not hesitate to recommend you, as I have already about my Inferno Flame boots (that you have also made for me). These are absolutely great in every detail. Fit is awesome too. I will be ordering another pair soon. Thanks again."

(Our Favorite Canadian!)

Gerrit Nuyen, Kampen Netherlands

2011-07-30 00:00:00

"Thanks for the piece of artwork. My Estacado boots fit and look perfect, and I know for sure that my next pair of cowboy boots are CABOOTS."

(Custom Estacado Cowboy Boots)

Gil Asher, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Just wanted to let you know that the brogans arrived early last week. I spent last weekend in them and they fit very well and are extremely comfortable. Thank you very much."

(Civil War Brogans)

Glenn Petcher, Nuneaton, United Kingdom

"The John B's are an absolutely fabulous buy. I've ridden my horse in them most days. They are super comfortable and are in every way far Superior to what I usually wear for riding. I think these boots will be well tested with the good old British weather. The guys at the stables are very impressed with them and the comments I've had up to now have been about the quality of the leather and especially the stitching. I can't wait to see what you come up with for my current orders with you. Your company has a fantastic talent. You all deserve a slap on the back for your work. Yours most gratefully."

(Mulehide Civil War John B. Boots)

Gordon Welch, Wichita, KS

"I just received my 32 inch Buffalo Bill Boots and I am beyond impressed with their quality and value! I never expected (and was very pleasantly surprised) to receive one-piece fronts on these boots for the price, which impresses us who look for historical accuracy. The fit is perfect, the leather is top quality. I'll recommend your boots to other reenactors I work with. Thanks for quality and value that I very seldom see nowadays!"

(Buffalo Bill Boots)

Greg Chapman, Chicago, IL

"I thought that I'd be on the airplane tomorrow without these, but thanks to the incredible efforts of you folks, they'll be on me and annoying the security people tomorrow! These Brush-Off's look and feel incredible! After 4 days of wear, they're still taking the scuffs nicely (polish right out), and there hasn't been a moment of foot ache. That's unheard of in a new pair of boots. I really couldn't be more pleased. Definitely different from any pair of boots I've ever had before. Thanks for the wonderful work!"

(Brush Off Boots)

Greg Hageman

"I just thought I'd let you know I recieved my boots last week and they are awsome! I have searched everywhere for boots like this. They are good quality leather and fit perfect. I will be ordering another pair soon just so I have extras, since I like them so well. Thanks a million!"

(Engineer Boots)

Greg Stewart, Atlanta, GA

"After having been out on the road for three months, I am finally catching up with my obligations, one of which is to tell you how awestruck I am by my boots! After you kindly showed my friend Jeff and I around the factory floor in El Paso, I knew I would be in for a fantastic pair of boots, but my black Caiman Alligator F-toes are simply beyond belief. I have never been so happy with an overall shopping experience in my life; from customer service to accurate delivery estimate to final result, Champion Attitude is the only place to go for real old-world crafted boots. And, perhaps even more importantly, you provided exactly what I asked for, with absolutely no compromise involved. I've already sent a friend of mine to the website, and he almost immediately purchased a pair of Gene Autry III boots. I will definitely be back for more in the future, and I will refer as many people as possible to your business."

(Custom Caiman Hornback)

Heath S. Cohen, Patchogue, NY

"[I] got the boots today! All I can say is WOW! Very nice work! These were well worth the wait! They look absolutely beautiful. The quality is incredible, and I can see the level of custom work that went into them; the sewing of the armor to the boot, the zipper placement, the heel/sole style I wanted - simply fantastic!! Not to mention the quality of the materials themselves. Just Awesome! GREAT JOB! I am VERY pleased with these. I'll probably have 'em longer that the rest of the suit!Thank you very much! I will be sure to tell everyone where I got these! Take care and have a Happy Halloween!"

(Custom Superhero Boots)

Hillary Brown, Dublin, Ireland

2009-01-07 00:00:00

"I just wanted to let you know that we got our boots today. My husband has not seen his but I am in LOVE! These boots are so amazing, so beautiful, perfect fit, and the very coolest boots that I have ever had or seen! Thank you so so so so much!"

(Leopard Hair-on Lace-up Packers)

Indigo Coleman, Nashville, IN

"I was out of town when my boots came so it was a wonderful surprise to have them waiting for me when I got home. I just love them! Tell all the folks at Attitude that they're just beautiful and I will be singing their praises to all of my boot wearing friends! Thank you so much!"

(Custom Twilight Cowboy Boots)

Jack Llewellyn, East Alton, IL

2009-01-07 00:00:00

"I got the boots on Friday and just wanted to let you know that your craftsmen did an excellent job! Thanks to you and your guys! Please keep me in mind for any new exotics that you start making."

(Owner of eight pairs, including Shark, Alligator, Ringtail, and Teju Lizard Custom Cowboy Boots)

Jack Slaughter, Berwyn, IL

"Just a note to say thanks and let you all know how great these boots are. NEVER will I go anywhere else for my boots."

(Custom Ostrich Cowboy Boots)

Jacob Hansen, Tonopah, AZ

"I recieved the Santa boots two days ago, and I am extremely happy with them. They look fantastic, they fit very well and will be a great addition to my Santa suit. Thank you very much for your service."

(Custom Santa Claus Boots)

James "Santa Jim" Scott, Natick, MA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! [My boots] arrived yesterday afternoon. They fit like a glove. Perfect!! They look fantastic! When my fellow Santa's see these, I believe that there will be an order or two out of them."

(Santa Boots)

James Charles Randall, London, England

2010-06-29 00:00:00

"Many thanks for my FANTASTIC boots. Arrived Monday afternoon and are the most beautiful I have ever seen. It won't be long before I'm getting in contact with you all again for my next pair."

(Custom Teju Lizard Cowboy Boots)

James D. Stewart, Clinton, MS

"I received the boots today. They are beyond description. Rest assured, I will be a repeat customer. Thanks so much, and please tell the boot maker these are a masterpiece."

(Rattler Boots)

James Fleming, Blanchester, OH

"I can't believe the great service that I have recieved from everyone at CABOOTS. I love my new boots. I had been looking for brown engineer boots and couldn't find them anywhere. Thanks again!"

(Brown Engineer Boots)

James Rohrdanz, Billings, MT

"I gave you free reign to make me a pair of boots when you could not find the closeout Wilson boots. I am glad I did! These are the most comfortable boots I have ever had. I do need to ask as to the style of toe you made these in. I need to know when I reorder another pair! Thank you for the great service."

(Tumbleweed Work Boots)

James Tampa, Carol Stream, IL

"I received my order today and can't thank you enough as they are absolutely perfect and exactly what I ordered! Thanks again."

(Stormtrooper Boots)

James Walker (a very patient customer), Morganton, NC

"Today I received the pair of boots that I ordered. These boots are everything that I had hoped they would be. The materials and the quality of workmanship are just as advertised, the skill and talent of the Cobbler are evident in each stitch. The zippers work great, and the finish of the boot is excellent. Once again I would like to thank Demetrio for his determination in seeing that I received the quality boots that I ordered. Your orginazition is very fortunate to have an employee of this caliber. I am very pleased with the final product that I have received."

(Custom Jodphur Ankle Boots)

JC Taylor

"I just received my boots and they are awesome! I love them. Thanks for the great service. I will recommend you to all my friends! Have A Great Day."

(Civil War Cavalry Boots)

JC Taylor, Houston, TX

"Wow! This second pair of boots is even better than the first! You did it again, love these boots! Keep up the great work. You may hear from me again around Christmas."

(Motorcycle Boots)

Jeanette Warnke, Trebur, Germany

"My Snappers arrived this morning. They look great, they feel great, they are fantastic! Thank you very much! With kind regards from Germany."

(Custom Snapper Boots)

Jeff Jensen, Oceanside, CA

2010-09-05 00:00:00

"Received my boots today and they are the best boots I have ever owned! They are just perfect. Thanks to everyone at CABOOTS!"

(Custom Teju Lizard Cowboy Boots)

Jeff Ryan, Albert Lea, MN

"[I] received my Civil War Officers Boots today and wanted to let y'all know how satisfied I am with the purchase. Because I am just starting out in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, there are, as many of you know, quite a few things to be bought: revolvers, long guns, a derringer, hat, boots clothing, gun cart, various accessories, and the list continues...With all these things on my list, I have found myself looking for the best value in each category, which brings me to the Officer's boots I found on your website. After trompin' round the office in my new boots for the better part of the day, I have been more than satisfied with both the way that they look and fit. Especially worthy of note is the extreme amount of comfort provided by the lower, block heel on the officer's model boot. I don't think I'll have a problem being on my feet for those all-day shoots when I'm sportin' these puppies. I also would like to offer a generous amount of praise for what I think is a superior product at a truly superior price. Though they were purchased as "factory defects", I honestly cannot find--after close inspection and a day's wearing--any blemish or irregularity that I would call an actual "defect" in boots constructed of natural leather. Please know that you have acquired in me a satisfied customer who--after some of his Cowboy Action purchasing is done--looks forward to buying his next pair of dress or everyday boots from your fine company!"

(Civil War Officer Boots)

Jeff Sierra, Royal Oak, MI

"I just wanted to thank you for making a great customer service decision. I recently ordered a pair of used/reconditioned boots. Unfortunetly I received the incorrect size. I contacted you to see if I could exchange them for the correct size. You did not have the correct size in a used/reconditioned model, so instead you made the decision to send me a brand new pair of the same boots. You exceeded my expectations. Because of this I will be a long term, repeat customer. Again, thank you for going above and beyond. It made a difference."

(Psychedelic Platform Shoes)

Jeff Simmons, Friant,CA

"The boots I ordered magically materialized at my doorstep and guess what? They fit just right. They look good, and I've gotten several compliments on them. They're soft, nice & comfortable. You're definitely on my list for another pair just as soon as I can afford them. Outstanding job! You're definitely my boot makers."

(Civil War Cavalry Boots)

Jeroen Vos, Noord-Babant, Netherlands

"I got the black patent leather ankle boots two weeks ago and they're fantastic! Simply a piece of art! Thank you very mucho!"

(Black Patent Leather Ankle Jodphur Boots)


2013-09-02 00:00:00

Although we do not have a store in Austin anymore you can find us here on the web and in El Paso- the best place for hand made boots in the world!

And yes we are still friendly and offer a good fit


Jerome's Friend

2013-09-07 00:00:00

Jim Batson, Nashville, TN

"I have just recently received my blue/bone TRIBUTE boots from you. I am ecstatic. Since I have ordered custom boots from another company in the past, my expectations for a first-time-fit satisfaction was low. Was I wrong! Fit was perfect and the boots are even more attractive than the illustration...and the leather smells really good, the colors are sharp, the workmanship excellent. I look forward to ordering again. Expect other Nashvillians to be contacting you after they see mine."

(Roy Rogers Tribute Boots)

Jim Cahill, Coventry, United Kingdom

2009-10-31 00:00:00

"The Bluebirds have landed.Truly wonderful creations...I love them.Thank you for your kind attention. One very satisfied customer."

(Custom Bluebird Cowboy Boots)

Jim Sloves, Reno, NV

"The alligator jophurs slay everybody. The cool thing is they can be elegant or rock and roll, depending on what you wear with them."

(Alligator Jodphur Boots and King Cobra Cowboy Boots)

Jody Rodgers, Holts Summit, MI

"My boots are absolutely fabulous! You are truly artists! I hope you will put a picture of them on your website - they are a true attestation to your fine work! Thanks for everything!"

(Morning Glory Custom Cowboy Boots)

John Allen, Cedar Brook, NJ

"My boots arrived today. Upon opening the box, I just slid them on and walked away in comfort...a good feeling. I just wanted to say thanks. It won't be the last time I call to order boots from your company."

(123 Custom Boots)

John McCullough, Austin, TX

"The boots are great! I am very pleased. I wore them last night for the first time and they fit well and looked super. Working on my next order."

(Full Quill Ostrich Boots)

John Phillips (Cowboy John), Minneapolis, MN

"I just picked up the boots at the post office today and WOW!! I do love the way they came out. They fit beautifully! Thank you again and I will definitely buy from your company again!"

(Pistolero Working Cowboy Boots)

John Phillips, Columbia, SC

"I just wanted to thank you for sending out the boots so very quickly. I felt confident you would get the boots to me in time, but you have really done a great job. I ordered them on Monday afternoon and they arrived Wednesday morning. They look fabulous! They will really complete my costume. It is so refreshing to get such good customer service!"

(Stormtrooper Boots)

John R Corney, Marmora, NJ

"First I'd like to say: Yeee Haaa, totally thrilled with the quality and comfort of the Brown Shotgun Boots that I bought from you. The only thing that could have better with the boots would have been if they were free! I will be sure to communicate your praises to the folks in the cowboy shooting world. I've already told them that for a hundred bucks they missed out on a great deal for the boots. I even asked my shoemaker how I made out with the price and he smiled [and said] the quality was very good."

(Brown Civil War Shotgun Boots)

John Rank, Salado, TX

"Received the shoes today. They are great! They match well with my clown costume. Glad I did not pay $275.00 for custom made ones. These will do the job."

(Red Clown Shoes)

Johnny Contreras, Tuscon, AZ

2009-03-24 00:00:00

"I want to thank you and the great staff there at CABOOTS for the best damn pair of boots that I've ever worn! From the first step of ordering them over the phone, deciding on the color, style, stitching, shank, heel, and other options, to the on-time delivery, it was a very easy experience. They are exactly as I pictured them in my head and they fit great! I've gotten so many compliments on them already that I'm already bouncing around ideas for my next pair. Thanks!"

(Black Cowhide Cowboy Boots)

Johnny Winton, Buena Park, CA

"Got [the boots] today!! Man, right on the money! You da man! Don't mess with Texas! Awesome. Best transaction I have ever made. If only I could leave you awesome feedback."

(Jack Sparrow Custom Boots)

Jon E. Davis, Naples, FL

"The boots showed up this weekend. They are awesome. Thanks again. As they say--anything worth having is worth waiting for--and in this case that is absolutely correct."

(Jack Sparrow Pirate Boots)

Jonathan R. Glasoe, Coronado, CA

"As promised by you, these are great boots. It amazes me how well they fit right out of the box. Thanks for your help. My son just picked the ones he wants out of your catelogue."

(Ranger Work Boots)

Joshua White


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Juliet Peck, Sandy, UT

2009-08-08 00:00:00

"Over the past few weeks, you have become my far away friend. I had been searching for the perfect gift, black alligator belly cowboy boots. When I spoke to Sean and Demetrio on the phone weeks ago, I knew I was with people who cared and could help me make a dream for a special friend come true. The boots arrived tonight and he was absolutely ecstatic! He could not believe that they fit him perfectly and that your attention to detail in making these boots was incredible. He especially loved the way you custom made the arch in the boots and they way they fit and the selection of the hides that you chose to make theses awesome boots. He was also very impressed with the incredible shine that these boots had and loves them very much. Ron and I would sincerely like to thank you for all you have done for us in making this special Christmas gift a reality. You are the greatest."

(Custom Smooth Alligator Cowboy Boots)

Justin Dagle

2010-03-09 00:00:00

"I ordered a pair of your shark boots and needed them in time for my wedding. I received them a week early. They fit and look great. Everyone has been impressed with the quality and stylishness of the boots. I just wanted to thank you guys for your great boots and service in getting them to me early." (Custom Shark Boots)

Kari Mitchell, Orlando, FL

"I got my husband's boots today! They are gorgeous! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I am sure he will LOVE them! My whole office did! I have already given 2 people your website!"

(Custom Lone Star Cowboy Boots)

Karl Schmidt, Algonac, MI

2009-01-12 00:00:00

"Thank you for the boots. They're everything I hoped they would be. The fit and finish are great. They were delivered much sooner than I thought they would be."

(Custom Van Helsing Boots)

Kathleen Neddo, Lake in the Hills, IL

"I have more than 18 pairs of boots. None compare to the custom boots I had made for me from CABOOTS. The craftsmanship, quality and service is exceptional and unmatched by any other custom boot maker. I will without a doubt go to CABOOTS for any future boots. When I called to order them I had the opportunity to talk with Joey (owner). How often in this day and age do you talk to a person, let alone the owner. It is evident they take pride in what they do and it shows in their work and customer service."

(Custom Relampago Cowboy Boots)

Kathleen Nord, Bloomington, IL

2007-02-08 00:00:00

"I received my Ladies Brown Las Vegas boots today, and they were even better in person than what was shown online. I am absolutely thrilled with them."

(Import Las Vegas Boots)

Keith Noll, Waynesboro, PA

"I ordered a pair of the Stormtrooper boots from you earlier this week. I couldn't believe how quickly I received the boots! And, I'm very impressed with the quality! Thanks for your outstanding service and fast shipping. Count me as a VERY satisfied customer!"

(Stormtrooper Boots)

Kenneth R. Reed, Malden, MA

"I am very pleased with the recent special order for [Motorcycle] harness boots. The service was exceptional! They fit like a glove, and worth every penny! You have made a customer for life, and I will be ordering another pair very soon."

(Custom Motorcycle Harness Boots)

Kent Combs, Riverside, CA

2008-11-01 00:00:00

"I just wanted to say I received these boots in plenty of time to wear them (and the rest of the costume) to work on Friday. They are great boots, fit and finish are A-plus, and they look great. The response time and service I received were wonderful and I will not hesitate ordering again if I have need of boots, or recommending you to others."

(Jack Sparrow Pirate Boots)

Kerry Chilvers, Warminster, England

"The boots arrived today and wow...they are fab. I would recommend your boots to anyone. I shall enjoy wearing them. They are of great quality. Many thanks for your swift service and help/advice whilst buying them. Once again, thank you."

(Black Teju Lizard Cowboy Boots)

Kevin Pray, New York, NY

"Just got my pair of Slick Jims today. They are great! I've never worn a pair of boots, shoes or sneakers that feel as comfortable as these. Thanks again for the excellent job."

(Owner of five pairs of CABOOTS, including Slick Jim, Swashbuckler, Faramir, and Han Solo Custom Boots)

Kitty Boots of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

"[The boots] are amazing. Carson loved them. I cannot thank you enough for getting them done so fast."

(Carson Kressley's "Queer Eye" boots)

Lana de Meillon, London, UK

"Just to say thank you sooo much. I received the shoes today in a record time - well in time for X-mas. They are SUPER COOL!!!!"
(Psycodela Platform Shoes)

Laura (and Bruce), Swanton, OH

"Love, love, love the boots. My husband and I each got a pair from your Closeouts/Discounted page, just to give you a try. We were more than impressed. Quality materials, fine workmanship. We keep wanting to wear them but don't want to get them dirty. I reminded him that if we ever wear these out, we can probably come back for more. You've been in business a good long time. Thanks for producing a product even better than we'd hoped for."

Le Kenobbie

"I received the boots. May I just make a very big suggestion____WWWAAAHHHHOOOO Keep up the good work! They fit as if they were made for me. The tips make the boot even more impressive."

(Anteater Boots)

Lee Marchant, Welling, United Kingdom

"Just letting you know that I received the boots today and they are great! I will be letting my stormtrooper friends know about these great boots and your fantastic service."

(Stormtrooper Boots)

Linda Couser, Concord, NH

2010-03-09 00:00:00

"The boots just arrived and they are fantastic, to put it mildly! The tops are soft and pliable, the fit is great, the stitching is fabulous - the boot is really wonderful. It's a terrific looking boot. Thank you so much to everyone who had a part. I really like them, and they are so comfortable. They are exactly what I asked for." (Custom Prairie Rose Boots)


"Received my boots today and they are GREAT! The fit is wonderful, the color's perfect, the heal and toe are just as I'd hoped, and they're extremely comfortable. I'll be showing them off this weekend, so perhaps I can send some orders your way. Thanks for everything!"

(Civil War "Shotgun" Boots)

Lisa Randazzo, Roslyn Heights, NY

"I just got my Bluebird boots! They fit fantastic and they are gorgeous. I have to say I was alittle nervous, never having ordered anything at this price point and that needed to be sized by a sketch of my foot. But boy am I a happy girl. I'll be styling in my beautiful boots. Thanks for everything!"

(Custom Bluebird Cowboy Boots)

Ludovic Scipioni, Tilly, Belgium

"Yeeeaaaahhhh! WooooHoooo! I just received my boots today! They rock! It was worth waiting for. They are so comfortable. I'm in love with these boots! If friends of mine are looking for some cool and classy boots, I'll send them your way. You have very CLASSY and COOL boots. The designs are great and the colours can even be changed, which gives the best choice possible for the customer. Believe it or not, I had been searching for MONTHS before finding the boots I wanted on your site. Thank you once again for your good services and your awesome boots!"

(Double Eagle Boots)

Luke Oram, Tokyo, Japan

2011-05-08 00:00:00

"The boots arrived as you promised. There is plenty of room, and of course the quality is excellent. I am truly grateful for your help, and I will recommend your company's products to my friends."

(Import Jack Sparrow Boots)

M. Young

"Hi Y'all, I just received the boots today and they look and fit great. Thanks for the lightning fast service! I will recommend you to all my friends, and I look forward to buying a nice new pair of kickers from you soon."
Take care and God bless,
(Stormtrooper Boots)

Marc Fite, Houston, TX

"I am impressed. I received my boots, one week ahead of schedule I might add, and they are beautiful! You've not heard the last of Marc Fite. Thank you so very much for your patience, courtesy and certainly your talent."

(Custom Ostrich Cowboy Boots)

Marc Gibson

2010-12-09 00:00:00

"Yesterday I received my mateo jodphur boots which I ordered custom made since I wear a 12A and have a high instep. The boots fit is fantastic and the workmanship is excellent. Thankyou very much!"

(Mateo Jodphur Ankle Boots)


"Yeoweee, Zeoweee...although these boots took awhile...they are really terrific!! Thanks."

(Zebra Hair-on w/ Custom Boot Tips)

Mark "Mr. Fixit" McFadden, Muskogee, OK

"Just want you to know how happy I am with the Black/White Wingtip clown shoes I purchased from you. They have been such a hit that I have just a link to your site to all of the clowns in my unit. Several of them have tried mine on and are anxious to get some of their own."

(Wing-tip Clown SHoes)

Mark Brown, Helena, MT

"My boots arrived today, and all I can say is, 'THEY'RE GREAT'! If these are considered rejects, you must have some pretty picky inspectors, because these are better than some first quality material I have seen costing much more. From this angle, there is nothing better I could have gotten anywhere else for quite a bit more money."

(Civil War Officer Boots)

Mark Harrington, West Columbia, SC

"Man, I just have to say thank you. I love these boots I will sport them in every bar I go to, and I will make sure I tell people where I got them as well. Again, thanks. I LOVE THEM."

(Platform Shoes)

Mark Milich, Terra Bella, CA

"I have just received a pair of your discounted Blue/Black Buckeroos. They are extremely comfortable, well-made, and the spur ridge seems to have added noticeable extra comfort in walking, as well as really working with spurs, on horseback. I also notice NO blemishes or defects. If your discounted boots are THIS good, what are your regular-production boots like?! I look forward to finding out!"

(Closeout Buckeroo Boots)

Mark Moore of the band Mark Moore and the Smokers, Alton, IL

"This is my first pair of custom boots ! I have never experienced an easier task when ordering and never have I received exactly what I ordered the first time! The boots are beautiful and they fit perfectly. I am so happy with your company, your workmanship and your product! Please thank the maker of my boots on my behalf."

(Custom Lone Star Cowboy Boots)

Mark Watkins, Dallas, TX

"Just a note of thanks and a great job. They fit great, but I waited till I put two days of hard walking at Scarborough Faire before making a real comment. Buy boots from these people! They are wonderful."

(Swashbuckler Boots)

Matt Bishop, East Yorkshire, UK

2008-02-23 00:00:00

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say WOW! My excellent stormtrooper boots arrived today. Now that's efficiency! I have been extremely impressed with the service I have received from you. I will now leave VERY positive feedback for you on ebay. Keep up the good work, guys. It's obvious why you come so highly recommended."

(Stormtrooper Boots)

Matt DeMarco

"I got my shoes. They are smashing. I love them. I can't say enough about the excellent customer service. Ordering over the internet is usually anonymous and unpredictable. Someone personally responded to my inquiries about sizes and my shoes arrived three days after placing the order!"

(Red/Black Zebra Platform Shoes)

Matt Jennings, Chicago, IL

"I just got my boots. They are BAD ASS!!!!!!!! Thanks so much. I couldn't be happier."

(Leopard Hair-On Boots)

Matthew Balina, Brooklyn, OH

2010-03-09 00:00:00

I would just like to thank you for your excellent customer service and expedient delivery on my first and most recent purchase of the Biker Scout boots. I'm very, very pleased with them. Thank you very much for doing business." (Biker Scout Boots)

Matthew Martin, St. Augustine, FL

"Got the boots today! They're a perfect fit. Exceptional quality. You guys are great! Thanks again! In fact, I plan to purchase 4 more pairs of boots from you guys in the future, to outfit my wedding party. I got a chance to wear them today and break them in, and they are extremely comfortable."

(Motorcycle Boots)

Mauricio Zamora, Miami, FL

"Nothing more to be said: You are the best (your work and service). Thank you for everything."

(Smooth Alligator Cowboy Boots)

Michael Rangel, Santa Teresa, NM

2010-02-20 00:00:00

"I took first place at the costume contest saturday night at the Velvet Rose Lounge wearing your shoes. Not sure if it was the shoes or the giant afro or the Pee Wee Herman big shoe dance. I remembered to tell where I bought the shoes."

(White Fish Tank Platform Shoes)

Michael Rowland, Saraland, AL

2011-03-30 00:00:00

"You guys have a loyal customer in me. I will recommend y'all to anyone I even hear mention wanting boots. Thanks again for such wonderful craftsmanship and the best pair of boots I have ever owned."

(Custom Hornback Alligator Boots)

Michelle Grammel, Pewaukee, WI

2007-10-17 00:00:00

"[The boots] came in time. All I can say is "Incredible"! Well worth the wait. Perfect. You will be well talked about by me for what that is worth."

(Kiss Boots)

Mike Cooks, Kunkletown, PA

2011-09-01 00:00:00

"It really is the ultimate boot jack. It works better than anything I have ever used or seen."

(The Ultimate Boot Jack)

Mrs. Vanessa Day, Nottingham, MD

"Thank you very much. I received my boots today. I was on my way out the door and they looked sooo good that I came back in and changed my clothes so I could wear them. Thanks again."

(Full Quill Ostrich Boots)

Natasha & Nigel, England

"I am emailing you to say that I am extremely pleased with the service you provide. I placed my order for the shoes on Monday and I received them today. My boyfriend and I are getting married in August and we are all dressing up in 70's clothes. I have been trying to get hold of some shoes for the past year, so I was delighted when i found your web page. When we opened them this morning, my boyfriend put them on and he's still wearing them. You have made his day. We shall be recommending you to the rest of our wedding party."

(Platform Shoes)

Ned Bennett, El Paso, TX

"I just received my 5 pair of shoe boots and matching belts, and to say "I am delighted" would be a gross understatement. I have been buying and wearing western style boots for the last 30 years. I have boots by EVERY big name boot maker and some small ones too, and I will say without exception that the boots you have made for me are the most comfortable, best looking and the highest quality that I have. In addition, they are the most reasonably priced."

(Alligator Shoe Boots, Ostrich Shoe boots and belts to match!)

Neil Armingeon, Jacksonville Beach, FL

"Dear Joey and Artists at Champion Boots,
My boots arrived today, and they are so beautiful. It's like I have works of art on my feet! As you may remember, ya'll made these boots for my upcoming wedding. The "bluebirds of happiness" and hearts and flowers are so appropriate. You've helped make a joyous occasion even more festive. Thank you for all your help and patience with the ordering process. Thank you for making sure everything was right. Oh yes, my boots fit like, well, they were made for me! Please tell everyone how much I appreciate their hard work and craftsmanship. May God bless you. Peace and Love,"

(Bluebird Boots)

Nena Jeffries, London, United Kingdom

"I have received the boots today. They are the prettiest things I have ever seen."

(Bluebird Custom Cowboy Boots)

Nick Wilkins, Taupo, New Zealand

2009-02-28 00:00:00

"This is just to let you know that I haved received my new boots. Big thank you to everyone at CABOOTS who worked on my order & did such a great job. I am so impressed, no doubt everyone will be asking where I got them from and I will not hesitate in letting them know how to get in contact with your company. I will definitely be ordering another pair in the future."

(Python Snake Jodphur Ankle Boots)

Nina Gworek, Wilmette, IL

"Hooray! Hooray! My boots (which did arrive on schedule a week or so ago) are the bomb; well worth the wait. Sorry it took me so long to let you know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

(Bluebird Boots)

Nina Harrison, Oak Island, NC

"The Santa boots arrived yesterday!!!! We are both thrilled with them. They feel like silk inside. I'm sure we will be ordering some "regular" wear boots from you soon. We will also promote your products whenever possible...!!!"

(Santa Boots)

Owen Zaret, Easthampton, MA

"Thank you so much for expediting my order. I can see that you really value your customers. The boots are fantastic. You may have noticed that I already ordered a pair in brown, as well as some motorcycle boots. I am recommending you to all of my friends and associates."
(Owner of 16 pairs and counting!)

Paul L. Wyman, Davis, CA

"I just wanted to let you know this wonderful alligator belt arrived in the mail today. It was so amazingly beautiful that I had to look twice to make sure it was real! It is truly a work of art and displays such wonderful craftsmanship that I am tempted to get one in cognac to go with the alligator boots! All the boots you have made for me are real favorites (especially the mulehide ones with the "Rocky" stitching) and are getting lots of foot time. The recent Desert Rose stitched ones are competing for a top spot as well, and have gotten a lot of compliments from the folks at work. I really appreciate attention to detail in most every aspect of my life and this belt fits right in quite nicely. I'm sure there will be more boots and belts down the road, once I've gotten to know the most recent ones just a bit more. Cheers!"

(Alligator Belt and owner of many pairs of CABOOTS, including Prairie Rose, Ostrich and Smooth Alligator Cowboy boots)

Paul Tostevin

"Boots arrived yesterday and I ain't stopped walking since! Fabulous quality, style and the workmanship is unbelievable! You have a customer for life, brother. Thank you for your time, effort and your product. They are simply Bootiful. Regards to you and your team members, if I'm ever over that way I will call in and buy you a beer!"

Taiwan (Custom Buckeroo Working Cowboy Boots)

Peter Casarian, Naples, FL

2010-09-17 00:00:00

"I would just like to thank you guys for the boots and the best service. The workmanship is incredible and the look overall is beautiful. I've got some bad news for you guys. I'm going to be ordering more boots from you soon. Lol."

(Custom Stingray Cowboy Boots)

Peter-Maria Grosse, Luebeck, Germany

2011-12-04 00:00:00

"Thank you for the very good job. Now I am a very proud owner of a perfect pair of boots from your company. They fit like a second skin, great, perfect! It won`t be the last time I order boots from your company. Now I am a very proud owner of a great pair of Champion Attitude boots in Germany. Every morning I pull them on and I feel good."

(Smooth Nile Crocodile Boots)

Phil Nudelman, Weehawken, NJ

"Dear Victor, Coco, Amado, Pancho, Matt and Joey, Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful job you guys did on my Batman Boots. The workmanship and quality is outstanding! You made them exactly the way I needed them. They fit perfect and they look great! It was a pleasure to deal with CABOOTS! Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful and pleasant. You truly stand behind your product! I look forward to getting my next pair of cowboy boots from you guys (Justin Who... Tony Lama Who?????)!!"

(Superhero Boots)

Phil Roark, Lincolnshire, UK

"The boots are fantastic! Can't believe it. The color, leather, and stitching are superb. And the comfort and fit is beyond anything I have experienced in footwear. These are, without a doubt, the nicest boots I've ever owned. They have more than fulfilled my expectations."

(Prairie Rose)

Qingwei Fan, Toronto, Ontario

"I have received my boots today. I was so excited about [receiving] the Estacado boots. They are so perfect. Perfect!!! And I want to tell people who want a pair of Cowboy Boots: 'If you need hat- go shopping; If you need glasses- go shopping; If you need clothes- go shopping; If you need pants- NO PROBLEM- go shopping. If you need perfect Cowboy Boots- a ha! Go to CABOOTS.' They can only give you the best. Trust me!!!"

(Estacado Boots)

Randall Parr, San Antonio, TX

"I'm just writing to let you know that I received the Buffalo Bill boots I ordered from you and am extremely happy with them. I was originally concerned about the fit, because I have a wide foot, but your salesman assured me that they would be fine. Well, he was absolutely right. They're awesome. I intend to be a regular customer and will spread the word to my friends. Thank you for providing such a fine product."

(Buffalo Bill Boots)

Rev Marshall Lillie, Greenville, PA

"When you order something through the [internet] you form an idea of what it will be like when it arrives. I opened the box today, and I was more than pleasantly surprised. The boots fit perfectly. They look better than I ever expected. I'm almost like a kid and don't want to take them off. Thanks for your quality merchandise!"

(Civil War Officer Boots)

Richard B. Borgens, W. Lafayette, IN

"I cannot believe it. I sent you an e-mail this morning requesting an updaqte on the Shotguns and got into work late to find them waiting for me! They are absolutely gorgeous and fit great too. The toes are perfect and the star inlays are really tasteful. You all do such great work. I am going to copy this on to letterhead stationary to more formally thank CABOOTS for a job very well done."

(Civil War John B. Boots)

Richard Outumuro, Centralia, WA

2009-07-21 00:00:00

"The Custom Big Bell Swashbucklers came in today. The toe change, lowered heel and neoprene sole make it like walking in a bullet-proof shoe. Also the longer bell really adds to the appearance. These are awesome and a real comfort. These are truly the best boots I have ever had. A really big thank you."

(Custom Big Bell Swashbuckler Boots)

Richard T. Outumuro, Centralia, WA

"Wow! Holy Hey Sooos Marimba! My Custom Big Bell Pirate Boots are AWESOME. They are very comfortable; soft yet thick and durable! And the "Big Bell" helps to make me appear animated when I am upset (wicked-wicked-grin). Very, very smooth indeed! I would like to thank you very much for taking the phone time with me to personalize the boots for me. These boots will enhance and outshine the rest of my outfit. Thank You."

(Big Bell Swashbuckler Boots)

Richard W., England UK

"I recieved the stormtrooper boots this morning 8:30am, (a lot quicker than I expected). I opened the box, and WOW, they are really glossy, brilliant infact. The photograph does not do your boots justice. They are much better than the photo, really well made. I shall be proud to wear them as part of my costume. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. If I'm asked where I got them I shall have no hesitation in recommending CABOOTS. It really made my day though, recieving the boots this morning."

Rick Turgeon, West Warwick, RI

"Just returned from my trip to the Big Apple. When I arrived home, the boots were here. Needless to say, I am quite pleased. These are, by far, the best boots I own, and they fit perfectly. I am impressed and so will the other cowpokes be. I recommend you highly and will definitely do so to my pards. Thanks again."

(Civil War Shotgun Boots)

Rob E. Jordan, Milwaukie, OR

"I knew, from looking over your website and selection, that you made quality products. I also knew that this was as close as I could get to the boots from the movie (Pirates of the Carribean). I must say, however, that I had no idea how PERFECT they'd be. Aside from the fact that they'll "make" the costume, they are superb - the epitome of a pirate boot. As well as making my Halloween, you make fantastic boots; and I'll certainly be back for my next pair of more conventional boots. I see my horizons have just widened where footwear is concerned. Thank you so much for these wonderful boots and your prompt, courteous assistance."

(Jack Sparrow Custom Boots)

Robert Rekman, Glemminge, Sweden

2008-02-14 00:00:00

"Just got my boots! They fit and are very fine! Thanks folks!"

(Customized Twilight Cowboy Boots)

Robert Verdugo, Julian, CA

"I received my boots yesterday, and what a surprise! I am overwhelmed by the quality, fit and beauty of these boots. All I can say is that the photos in your brochure do not do justice to the actual product. Rest assured that I will never be satisfied with any other boot maker."

(Custom Teju Lizard Cowboy Boots)

Roberto Fumo, Cinnaminson, NJ

2008-04-26 00:00:00

"Got em'. Awesome. Really was pumped when I went to your site and saw my boot under Stitch Suede. You gotta admit thet're pretty cool pair of boots. Tremendous job, great quality. Look forward to creating the next pair."

(Stitch Suede Cowboy Boots)

Ron Howlett, Phoenix, AZ

"I received my boots and just thought you should know how pleased I am. The only way I know how to convey how happy I am is to simply say that they wouldn't have come out any better if I was there supervising the job myself. As a business owner, I believe in correcting people when they make mistakes or cut corners. I also believe in patting them on the back and saying "job well done"! You gave me a quality boot, to my specs, in a more than timely period. Please let your staff know that their work is appreciated. I'll be calling on you for my next pair of boots, as I'm sure my friends & family will also. Keep up the good work."

(Leopard Hair-On Boots)

Rosie Marr, Knoxville, MD

2010-04-26 00:00:00

"Thank you so much for following up on the pair of purple cowgirl boots for my 7 year old Godaughter. She opened them on Saturday and almost fell over from surprise. She immediately put them on and started wearing them around the house, stomping loudly every step of the way. When we went to the mall for a movie she wore them proudly - chest sticking out like she was the only cowgirl alive. So THANK YOU for working so hard to fulfill a little girl's dream (and her Godmother's too!). Your efforts are much appreciated."

(Childrens Purple Leather Cowboy Boots)

Roy (Chip) Gaisser, Muscle Shoals, AL

2009-12-13 00:00:00

"I am well pleased with the quality for the money. I also loved your catalog. I'm not even a "boot guy", but I play music and need stage clothes sometimes. There were a couple of pairs of boots and a WILD looking pair of shoes that I have to own."

(Italian Spy Ankle Boots)

Sally Singer, Wyckoff, NJ

"I purchased the Britney boots for my daughter. They arrived in two days. They are fabulous. Everyone in NYC has been approaching her as to where she found those fabulous boots. They are beautiful. Thanks!"

(Rancho Loco Britney Boots)

Sarah Richardson, Camano Island, WA

2011-07-12 00:00:00

"My mules arrived. They are great - they fit wonderfully, look awesome and I LOVE THEM. What a kick to have cowboy boots (at least the front half)! Thank you so much. I can't wait to order the alligator mules."

(Smooth Leather Mules)

Scott Franklin, Valdese, NC

"I just wanted to let you know the boots came today. I could not be happier with them. The boots will go terrific with my costume and set it off very nicely. The pics on your website don't do them justice. One very happy and satisfied customer."

(Budget Superhero Costume Boots)

Sebastian Verni, Smithtown, NY

"Your company has been a delight to deal with and I will be putting in another order so that I can wear my boots with my 3 piece Brooks Brothers suit and button down shirt."

(Big Chief II Cowboy Boots)

Seth Moody, Wilmington, NC

"I received my boots (big chief with monograms) yesterday and I must say WOW! I was expecting quite a lot and my expectations were exceeded. I can smell that leather coming out from under my desk here at work; I didn't know yall provided aromatherapy in the package! The fit is perfect and your placement of the monograms was perfect. Top notch craftsmanship and the finest leather I've ever had in a boot- Very nice work!"

(Custom Big Chief Cowboy Boots)

Shannon Lucky, Cowboy, HR Ranch Bellevue, NE

2010-01-05 00:00:00

"The custom Bandoleros I ordered arrived day before yesterday, right on schedule. I've already used them on horseback, and I can tell you that you make one awesome pair of boots! That number 3 heel holds a stirrup beautifully, and the mulehide is supple but not limp. In all, these are an excellent pair of work boots. You've made me one happy cowpuncher! Keep up the good have my continuing business!"

(Bandolero Buckeroo Working Cowboy Boots)

Simon Ellis, England

"Thanks to everyone at CABOOTS for supplying me with the best quality and value for money pair of boots I have ever had the pleasure to own. Fantastic value and first rate help and service, even on an international order. Thanks to Joey, Demetrio and the team on an excellent service and product range."

(Engineer Boots)

Spanner 4 L.A.F.S aka - Chief Dave Chance, Laurel Fire Prevention Bureau, Laurel, MS

"Yes, I will go in style!!!! I will recommend you to all the others at the conference next week as well. I wish you could be here to see the kids smile when they look at my new shoes. I will be ordering others!!!! Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial from very proud and pleased customer!"

(USA Clown Shoes)

Stacy Page, Kerrville, TX

"I am so flattered that you named these sassy boots after me! They are absolutely killer! I was at the National Cutting Horse Championships in Ft. Worth and about every 50 steps someone stopped to ask me about my boots! Please express my gratitude and excitement to your staff...they are extremely talented! I'll continue sending folks your way."

(Stacy Page Cowboy Boots and Estacado Smooth Leather Boots)

Stephen Alcorn, Reno, NV

2008-03-15 00:00:00

"The boots arrived today and they are the the most badass pair of footwear I have ever seen. I'm taking them to Mexico on a cruise and am sure I will leave a mark on my shipmates."

(Custom Electric Blue Teju Lizard Boots)

Steve "Boots" Luttrell, Anaheim, CA

"I bow in your presence fashion guru! Thank you for following up on these boots. They just arrived and they are perfect, as I have come to expect based on my other boot purchases. Thanks again, and I'm sure you will be seeing another order from me in the not to distant future!"

(Custom Sarsaparilla Cowboy Boots)

Steve Barre

"I received the shoes today.....They fit like a charm and are VERY Funky!!! Positive Feedback will be left. Thank You Again."

(Platform Shoes)

Steve Miller and Julie Mosley, Ocala, FL

"This past weekend my girlfriend and I went to the Megacon (Florida's largest comicbook convention). We wore the Captain America boots that you made for us. The boots were a HUGE success. Over a 3 day convention we handed out over 400 business cards, and on the back of each of our cards was your website address for ordering boots. We just wanted to thank you for the boots and to let you know that we will continue to be walking advertisements for your company. Customers for life,"

(Super Hero Boots)

Steve Miller, Ocala, FL

"I received the boots in the mail today. The boots are exactly what I wanted, and the fit is perfect. I was so pleased that I will be making another order for my girlfriend for the same type of boots. I will be wearing them this weekend at a convention in my area. Thanks for the boots. I'm sure I will be sending more business your way."

(Super Hero Boots)

Steve, Sydney, Australia

"The boots arrived, and they are ball tearers! They were worth the wait! Now I`ll have a think about what to order next!!"

(Double Eagle Boots)

Susan Andrews, Kent, United Kingdom

"Just to let you know that I received my Britney boots today! I love them. They fit perfectly and are made so well. I am thrilled."

(Rancho Loco Britney Cowboy Boots)

T J Patton, Woodland, CA

"It's not often that I feel compelled to provide a company with a testimonial without the benefit of having been a customer. OK, I've never felt compelled to do so, yet I have good reason. Never before have I encountered such simplistic beauty in the design and manufacture of a pair of boots as I have in your Holstein cowhide hair-on boots. If I didn't have two young boys to put through college, I would buy two pair for myself and send gift certificates to all my friends with a photo of the boots. You have managed to encapsulate the very essence of the cowboy boot in one single, simple design. I am impressed."


T. Garrett, Neosho, MO

"This morning, I received my pair of Infantry Boots. I have to say, I haven't worn a pair of pull-on boots in over 25 years, so I was curious as to how my feet would feel after a day of wear. I was very pleasantly surprised how well they fit and their comfort even before they've broken in. I can't wait to get a pair of Cavalry boots from you......"

(Civil War Infantry Boots)

Tammy M. Frazier, Chester, VA

"You are AWESOME! Thanks you so much! It certainly is nice to know that there are still customer friendly companies out there such as yours. You and your company have scored a big A+! A very satisfied customer."

(Butter Ostrich Cowboy Boots)

Thomas Dorrell, Highland, KS

2008-11-01 00:00:00

"The boots arrived and are beautiful. The fit and finish is excellent. I love them and tell all my friends about your boots and website and what a good deal and great service I received from you. Look for another order soon. Happy Customer."

(Civil War Cavalry Boots)

Thomas Finkelmeier Jr., Wapakoneta, OH

"These boots are so cool. I'll be the hit of the disco party. Thank you so much!"

(White Fish Tank Platform Shoes)

Tim Bauch, Rockford, I

"[I] got the boots and wore them most of the weekend. They are great; some of the most comfortable things I have ever had on my feet. The heel adjustment made them great for all the walking I did. I will definitely be back for more, and I think I have my wife convinced to get a pair as well, since it is hard for her to find good fitting boots. Thanks again for all the help."
(Civil War Custom Shotgun Boots)

Todd Houser, Cypress, CA

2010-08-12 00:00:00

"I have received my Roy Rogers "Tribute Boots" and they are spectacular! The workmanship, the colors, are beyond what I expected. The sizing is right on. I feel these boots should be placed on display rather than worn...they are that beautiful. Thank you for your care and craftsmanship."

(Tribute Boots)

Tom Beach, Port Murray, NJ

2010-03-09 00:00:00

"You guys are the best. From April, who took my urgent call yesterday, to the fellow who made sure the boots were rushed out the door, and not to forget the folks who actually made these things (they're sweet, and surprisingly, they fit my dainty size 13 without protest). I am blown away, and I'm not even a pirate." (Pirate Boots D-4)

Tom Brew, Richmond, VA

"The boots arrived today, and there is only one word to describe them... Perfect! The fit & finish is great. They are more comfortable than my regular shoes! Please send my thanks to your staff for their fine work."

(Custom Civil War Officer Boots)

Tony Brittenden, Christchurch, New Zealand

"My Roy Rogers Tribute boots arrived on the 16th Dec, a journey to New Zealand of only ten days. I am really quite delighted. They are an excellent product and a tribute not only to the King of the Cowboys, but more particularly to you and your business as well. Many, many thanks for your workmanship and service. Kind regards from Middle Earth."

(Roy Rogers Tribute Cowboy Boots)

Tony Rogers

2010-03-01 00:00:00

"I wanted to send a sincere thank you to the team. I absolutely, positively needed my custom Star Trek books by Friday. Demetrio made it happen by arranging a Southwest Cargo delivery to my local airport. I had them in my hands just in time for the Friday night Halloween party! The boots fit perfect. I wore them all evening without any problems. I'll be sure to pass on the good word about your company, and I know who I'm going to call when I need another pair of high quality, custom boots! Great Job, CABOOTS Team!" (Custom Startrek Boots)

Trevor Vickers, Bristall, United Kingdom

2010-10-24 00:00:00

"I would just like to say what an excellent quality the boot is and thank you for your speedy service. My daughter is very happy."

(Rancho Loco Britney Nubuck Boots)

V. B. Kopelman, Miami Beach, FL

2008-06-02 00:00:00

"The boot arrived today and looks great. Thanks to you and your colleagues at CABOOTS for fixing this old family memento."

(Repair of miniature boot memento)

Virginia Good, Baraboo, WI

"Now I understand the wait...very impressive craftsmanship! They fit perfect,and the style is incredible. Thank you CABOOTS and the boot makers."

(Custom Tlinglit Totem Cowboy Boots)

W. Williamson Jr.

"I received the disco shoes and am very, very pleased at the product and the customer service you provided. I will definitely do business with you again. Thank you."

(Platform Shoes)

W. Zumbrennen

"Just got the boots yesterday and they are great...everyone that saw them thought they were great also."

(Civil War Cavalry Boots)

Walt A. Cleveland, Bedford, TX

"Fantastic! Boots arrived today, fit like wax molded to my feet. I have worn Lucchese for years, but no more. CABOOTS is now MY boot company. Thank you so much."

(Custom Teju Lizard Cowboy Boots)


"You were right! Guess that's to be expected after 4 generations in the business. They`re very comfortable! I`ll be sure to recommend you to other re-enactors!"

(Civil War Cavalry Boots)

Wayne Criddle, Greene, NY

"What a pair of boots! I received my boots 15 months ago, and I gotta tell you: these things are still comfortable, and they wear like iron. I am 6'3" tall and weigh 350lbs, and I can tell you these boots are just perfect. They are holding together BETTER than the big name boot companies that charge double what you folks do. I dont just wear my boots for reenactments either. These get worn 5 out of 7 days a week. Grand slam purchase on my part. More orders will follow. Count on it!"

(Civil War Officer Boots)

Wayne Learned, Uxbridge, MA

2010-11-12 00:00:00

"I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did on my recent pair of tangerine stingray boots with the purple shafts. They came out FANTASTIC! I have already received dozens of compliments on them and have had them less than a week. The fit and workmanship is perfect. I was even surprised to find my design featured on your stingray boot order selection page. What a pleasant surprise to see that you folks must have liked my design enough to feature it on your site. They were well worth the wait for them (although it wasn't really that long of a wait for a custom boot). I will be ordering up another pair as soon as possible and have already gotten some of my boot friends interested in ordering some for themselves as well. As a collector with over 125 pairs of vintage, exotic, and custom boots, to get yours at the top of my favorites list was a hard task at best, and you guys exceeded that challenge hands down!"

(Custom Stingray Cowboy Boots)

Wendy Adams, Northfield Center, OH

"To the wonderful gentleman who took my call, assisted me, and [with whom] I placed my: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your customer service/satisfaction is the best I have ever experienced. I hope you and yours have the most merry Christmas and happiest, healthiest, most prosperous New Year ever!"

(Motorcycle Harness Boots)

William Whatling, Norwich, United Kingdom

"Thank you. The boots arrived Friday 20th and I am very pleased with them. They are exactly as I ordered and are a perfect fit. Thank you once again. I'm sure I will purchase from you again in the not too distant future."

(Custom Python Snake Cowboy Boots)