Sizing & Measurements

First and foremost, we always recommend that you order your regular shoe size.  If you fit into a 9D in all of your footwear, then simply order that size in our boots.  Measurements should only be used when you have hard-to-fit feet (i.e. very wide or very narrow).
IMPORTANT: When submitting your measurements, please be sure to include the size you normally wear so we may compare your measurements. This will help us find the most comfortable fit possible.
Taking your measurements:
You must have another person trace your feet and take the measurements for you. If you do it yourself, they will be inaccurate.
Standing with socks on, place your right foot flat on a plain piece of paper, allowing regular body weight to be distributed equally to both feet. Have someone else take a sharpened pencil (do not use markers), holding it straight up and down (not leaning in or out) against your foot, and carefully trace all the way around the foot, tracing only 1 time. Repeat with left foot. Also, measure the length of your tracings from big toe to heel. This will give you the length of the foot. 
There are four measurements that are necessary for a standard boot: the Ball, Waist, Instep and Heel. If you need special measurements for your calf, measure at the widest point, and include a measurement from the ground up to the height of the widest point of your calf.
While standing have someone else place the tape measure around the foot just closed- not tight:
  • Ball - around the ball and behind the little toe where the foot is the broadest.
  • Waist - where the circumference of the foot is smallest.
  • Instep - over bone on the point.
  • Heel - around the heel where the foot bends.
  • Ankle - only neccessary if you are ordering jodhpur ankle boots.
DO NOT FAX TRACINGS TO US as the fax machine distorts sizing. Simply include your measurements while ordering on our web site (Length of foot, Ball, Waist, Instep and Heel) in the space provided below the sizing information . 
Please enter Left (Lt) and Right (Rt) respectively in the boxes below.
We will use these measurements to guide you into the correct comparitive sizing OR we can make them made to measure at an additional cost- it is up to you.
NOTE: Custom measurements are needed if you do not fit into a uniform size, i.e. size 9 width D, size 8 1/2 width E, etc. Some may have a very narrow heel and a very wide ball, in which case custom measurements would be required.
Made to Measurements will delay delivery because building a custom last takes time. Please allow an additional 30 to 60 days for custom fit.